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The Following information is guidance from Volleyball England.

(This information is be superseded by any new information published after 28/4/21)

For More info visit -

This guidance will be followed by the Epsom Volleyball club.

Specific dates for Epsom VC, tbc at a later time.


Organised sport has exemptions from some of the Covid 19 restrictions because being physically active is good for people's wellbeing and health. To qualify as an organised sports Epsom Volleyball Club must follow the below requirements set by Volleyball England:


· Personal hygiene measures should be carried out at home before and after volleyball activity.

· Participants should bring their own hand sanitiser where possible, or the Club’s hand sanitiser, sanitise at each break/ every 30min.

· Minh Le-Vu will be your COVID 19 Officer for training sessions organised by Epsom Volleyball Club

· All balls to be cleaned before/after each session and every 30 min

· Players should arrive changed and ready to play

· No more than 16 players per court (max of 32 players in a single session)

· No water/ food to be shared. Each player to bring their own food/ drinks.

· Contact details to be collected for UK Test & Trace purposes

· No congratulatory touches (eg high fives) or handshakes, players should avoid touching their face/nose/ mouth. Shouting is discouraged.

· Hand whistles to be used (the Club’s has purchased 2 hand whistles - pls ask Minh)

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